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July, 2007  // Posts published in July, 2007

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A benefit of becoming more globally healthy

Getting the inner joy that enables us to be able to act with more goodness


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Rare integral health practice

My creation Originally uploaded by gop108 Yesterday a dear friend, specialist of very deep chi-kung, explained that real holistic / integral / global health practices are very rare because most people have such a hard time focusing on what they are doing — they can rarely have their mind and body in one place, for ...


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Post 2 on the text of Richard Tarnas

Common to these new perspectives has been the imperative to rethink and reformulate the human relation to nature, an imperative driven by the growing recognition that modem science’s mechanistic and objectivist conception of nature was not only limited but fundamentally flawed. Major theoretical interventions such as Bateson’s “ecology of mind,” Bohm’s theory of the implicate ...


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The need of a broad philosphical vision for our own global health (post 1)

Post 1 on Richard Tarnas wonderful book Here is a few notes on the wonderful recap of western philo and thinking at large entitled : THE PASSION OF THE WESTERN MIND, BY RICHARD TARNAS (EX PROGRAM MANAGER AT Essalen and PHD…) Joseph Campbell says of it: ‘The most lucid and concise presentation I have read, ...


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Enjoy my small attempts to present a sample of what I do Guy :