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I follow this blog

11 Nov Posted by in References | Comments Off on I follow this blog
Today I joined an important blog written by Steven Rudolph :

He is one of the great pillars of (see The Jiva Home Page), and a very good expert at presenting the essence of traditionnal vedic knowledge of india in a modern way.

Here is a part of his blog that I think describes his work nicely:

Here is an area where I think India will serve the US well (far betterthan as a destination for outsourcing)–helping to improve the qualityof life by sharing a wealth of knowledge on the science of life,related to yoga, pranayam (breathing techniques), Ayurveda, meditation,etc. Such knowledge will help people find ways of balancing themselvesphysically, helping them get in tune with their bodies and to reducestress and anxiety. It will help them stay healthy with inexpensive,natural healthcare, including herbal remedies and massage therapies.And spiritually, people will learn to find greater joy with what theyalready have in their lives rather than by acquiring more and morematerial goods.

Making this type of knowledge available in acurrent context with modern technology is Jiva’s mission. We’ve beenworking for the past 14 years to create an array of tools, courses, andresources in the area of life-wellness based on Vedic wisdom. It seemsthat things are suddenly coming together–a tipping point of sorts,where our work may soon be of value to a much wider audience.

We’reexcited about the opportunity to share these assets and to be an activepart of the balancing process. Get ready for some informative articlesand videos in the coming days and weeks from Dr. Satya Narayna Dasa,Dr. Partap Chauhan, and our team members. In the meantime, let’sremember:

E Pluribus Unum / Anekta Mein Ekta
(Out of Many One / Diversity in Unity)


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