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In 2009 I will be celebrating 30 years of meditation

27 Dec Posted by in 30 years of meditation | Comments Off on In 2009 I will be celebrating 30 years of meditation
There are a number of known health benefits coming with the practice of meditation, such as lower blood pressure, better blood circulation, a resting heart rate that is lower, and easier breathing. On top of that, many people say they have more energy than they have had in years when they meditate regularly, as well as a more youthful appearance.

There has also been many studies to analyse these benefits scientifically. Here is a small sample (see the link to the original description):

The study, done in China, randomly assigned college undergraduatestudents to 40-person experimental and control groups. The experimentalgroup received five days of meditation training. The control group gotfive days of relaxation training. Both groups took tests that assessedtheir attention and reaction to mental stress before and after theirtraining.

The experimental group showed greater improvement thanthe control to dealing with stress. Stress was induced by mentalarithmetic. Both groups initially showed elevated release of the stresshormone cortisol following the math task, but after training, theexperimental group showed less cortisol release, indicating a greaterability to cope with stress. The experimental group also showed lowerlevels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue than the control group.

And the study was only for five days. Imagine people who have been meditating for many years.

Experiment it for yourself !