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August, 2009  // Posts published in August, 2009

20 Aug Posted by in Various texts | Comments Off on Love comes on the wings of Grace

Love comes on the wings of Grace

Learn how to use those meditationsGet the full book Love cannot be learnedIt comes on the wings of GraceBut,there is a process to turn our hearthsinto magnets of that Graceand that process is Prema-Yoga


How to use the small texts of Pure Love meditations

These small texts are the result of my constant meditation on the subject of prema-yoga. It is one of the ways by which I can try to share what is intimately related to my hearth. I wish that any of those small texts can become the spark that can ignite a raging fire of Pure […]


11 Aug Posted by in Various texts | Comments Off on Art that brings amazement

Art that brings amazement

Because amazement is also at the essence of love gt      The Art of Erwin Wurm


10 Aug Posted by in Announcement | 3 comments

Coming soon : book on Pure Love meditations

The small texts of meditations you can read periodically on our web page can be seen in a book form that you can bring to read in a peaceful garden or in your favorite resting place. The book is presently beeing corrected and will be soon available. Contact us if you want ot be told […]


05 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Seen recently

Seen recently

One bus driver had this sentence painted in big letters next to his driving seat: “Girls are sweet, silent, slow poison”.   It should have been written “Kama (egoistic love) is sweet, silent, slow poison…”   The real problem is not mainly in others but in our own mentality towards love and life. Our improper […]