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How to use the small texts of Pure Love meditations

These small texts are the result of my constant meditation on the subject of prema-yoga.

It is one of the ways by which I can try to share what is intimately related to my hearth.

I wish that any of those small texts can become the spark that can ignite a raging fire of Pure Love in your hearths.

All of those texts begin with the following picture:

These words may seem extra-simple or too complicated to decipher… but by thinking about them regularly one can find deep riches arising.

I will deliver those small texts almost weekly.
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I write them in the form of short aphorism
because for more than 30 years I have been used to read and meditate
on different Sanskrit aphorisms (called sutras in Sanskrit).

The beauty of those sutras is that we can expand on their meanings for hours and hours.

I will soon put a few sample of how those short aphorisms can be explained.

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