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Why did I create ???

10 Sep Posted by in Various texts | Comments Off on Why did I create ???

I can safely say that the last 30 years of my life have been mainly dedicated to living the essence of all yoga practices. I have kept an intense daily spiritual practice (often involving several hours of study and meditation), build a dozen web site and directed the publication of about 30 books on the subject, given thousands of classes (several hundreds of them have been recorded to provide a wonderful bank of resources for teaching), instructed hundreds of persons and personally trained dozens of serious practitioner.

I even build very developed systems of step-by-step advancement in spiritual life such as and

After all those years of intense spiritual practices and almost as many years of teaching them, I came to the point were I really wanted to share the essence of it with those who really wanted to stop beating around the bush and go right at the core of what it means to have a real link with the Absolute.

Real yoga means to really link to the Supreme with prema (a Sanskrit word meaning pure, unadulterated, love). All other types of yogas and spiritual practices are only steps towards that state of intimate connection.

Years after years I could see that most spiritual practitioners simply avoid the essence of life to get caught in fuzzy doctrines that are mainly obstacles on the path of love, and thus cheating themselves out of their true self-benefit and the greatest bliss.

I created as a tool attempting to help people to face the core principles of the yoga of love and thus giving them the opportunity to skip all kaitava-dharmas (cheating religions, dogmas, techniques, yogas…) and accept in their life this unlimited power which is eternally knocking at the door of our hearth to enter and turn it into a spiritual realm.

It is not a step-by-step feel-good formula. With I try to bring the readers directly at the topmost yoga level. I’m sorry if you find that this is a rough ride but my long experience in the domain shows that most people are acting in ways that will take them millions of lifetimes to arrive at a destination that could take them a few days if there was real sincerity and a proper endeavour to fulfill the greatest need of life.

I know that only a few rare souls will be interested in this approach.

For some time I stopped all teaching because I could see that most people wanted cheap entertainment and were not ready to commit themselves to their real self-interest.

I prefer to live alone with my own spiritual ecstasies, but while doing one of my blissful spiritual retreat I thought that I could share some of the fruits of my contemplative meditations; some of them are expressed in few sentences on this websites.

The essence of that teaching is usually transmitted hearth to hearth and face to face, personal consultations and the intensive week of training are one of the best way to achieve that environment. This web site simply provides tools and inspirations to facilitate that hearth to hearth meeting.

I hope you will sincerely take this rare opportunity of having a human body to achieve the full eternal potential of the soul: swim in an unlimited, continuous, unending ocean of bliss by tasting a passionate pure loving relationship with the Absolute.