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Definitions of Prema

11 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Definitions of Prema
Rupa Goswami defines prema in Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi as follows: 

sarvathā dhvaṁsa-rahitaṁ saty api dhvaṁsa-kāraṇe |
yad-bhāva-bandhanaṁ yūnoḥ sa premā parikīrtitaḥ ||

The bond of love that exists between the lovers which does not break, even when there is ample cause, is known as prema. (14.63)

And Vishwanath Chakravarti so beautifully expands on the idea:

loka-dvayāt svajanataḥ parataḥ svato vā
prāṇa-priyād api sumeru-samā yadi syuḥ |
kleśās tad apy atibalī sahasā vijitya
premaiva tān harir ibhān iva puṣṭim eti ||

As a strong lion defeats many elephants and then becomes further nourished and strengthened by feeding on them, so too does sacred love, when exceedingly great, conquer all obstacles before it, whether they come from this world or the next, from enemies or from family members, from one’s own body or the things connected to it, or even from that dearest one who is the object of the love itself. Even if such obstacles should be as vast as the immeasurable Mount Meru, sacred love will conquer them and, having conquered, become stronger and more vital. (Prema-sampuṭikā , 54)