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Activities offered by the School

A summary of activities offered by our school

  1. Free audio and text extracts – various blogs and websites
  2. Online classes on Yoga, Vedanta and Bhakti (A free trial offer is available for all)
  3. Customized coaching on all aspects of spirituality
  4. Complete training in Yoga and Vedanta
  5. Seminars and workshops available to various groups in Canada and Europe
  6. Organized tours of a spiritual nature in sacred India

A description of these activities

  1. Guy Tetreault has produced several websites of a spiritual nature where you can find extracts from his books, audio classes and various other texts, as well as detailed information on the activities available. You can consult his website at and at his other main sites such as, and
  2. Online classes are available every week during several months in a year with some months of recess dedicated to our respective personal meditation. Subjects are dealt with from the perspective of the Vaishnava Vedanta of the Gaudiya tradition and all the most essential themes of profound spirituality such as Yoga, Meditation, Vedanta, Bhakti, etc. You are invited to sign up for a free trial now or anytime.
  3. Customized coaching is offered to those who want to dive deeper into the subject and benefit from an enhanced interaction with the teacher. It is based on the same online classes, but includes various questions and in-depth exchanges on the subjects taught.
  4. With more than 350 hours mp3 format recordings and hundreds of pages of text transcribed from these classes, we are in a position to offer you a complete training in Yoga and Vedanta, dealing with all aspects of all Yogas and Vedanta philosophies in a systematic manner, subject by subject, step by step, level by level.
  5. If you are a participant in any Yoga or meditation group or any group of a spiritual character, and would like to organize workshops and seminars on these many and diverse subjects, you may do so by simply contacting Guy Tetreault.  He can travel, under certain conditions, to Canada and Europe in order to explain in depth the subjects already dealt with online.
  6. The most intense and often the most joyful experience are undergone during tours in sacred India. We propose a variety of tours, themes and geographical locations; for groups, we can also arrange tours à la carte, the aim being to take you directly to the essence of the sacred spirituality of India while giving you an experience which will be one of the most joyful and rewarding of your whole life.

    Teachings presented by Guy Tetreault (Gopinath Dasa)