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Advanced course

Our advanced course takes place each week by telephone or Internet

It is a continuous process which goes on parallel to our other teaching activities and gives you access to a level of Yoga and Vedanta rarely seen before.

At present, the advanced courses are available only to those who have successfully followed the complete training.

We have organized the programs so that you can obtain the level of language, discipline and initiation necessary to enter into another way of life… sufficient for understanding what is transmitted in an intimate way during these advanced courses.

Several skills must be acquired, such as the ability to develop a high level of thought that is not purely argumentative or strictly intellectual, but which is based on meditation and contemplation.

If you successfully pass the test which attests that you have a sufficient comprehension of the basic framework of meditation transmitted during the complete training, you will be able to join students who have been studying, meditating and practicing this art of spiritual living for several years.

Testimony from one of the students
One of the teachers that I had previously repeated the same thing every time a new student joined the group. With Guy Tetreault, we learn different things in greater depth, week after week, year after year…since 8 years shortly!

We hope you will soon be in a position to join us!!