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Complete training

Our Complete Training in Yoga and Vedanta

Over the years, we have built a huge bank of teachings which will allow you to live the practice and contemplation of superior yogas without having to leave everything to go live in an ashram in India (which is becoming rarer and rarer, or worse, more and more commercialized).

Thanks to the miracle of digitalization, we can offer you a high level training without your having to leave your home.

It is our most important program for your well-being and we take care to give you a training that you will get nowhere else.

•   Assimilate our immense library of unique resources at your own rhythm
•   Customized follow-up according to  your own capacity of apprenticeship
•   A lot less expensive than a trip to India all the while giving you an in-depth training
•   The training can take 6 months or 6 years according to your choice
•   Discover several philosophical points of view of Vedanta and Yoga never before explored in the West.

Never seen in French!

Several secrets and principles that we will teach you and which have never before been transmitted in French!

What are our tools?

1.    Our bank of 400 mp3 files and thousands of pages transcribed from our courses of the past: See our complete catalogue
2.    Several manuals, videos and extracts of films that you will be able to consult at your own pace
3.    Our online glossary
4.    We give you the succession of texts and steps, one at a time, in order to assimilate all the notions necessary to your gradual progress.
5.    We build a program of spiritual discipline which is adapted to your daily life.
6.    Group consultations
7.    Online group courses, weekly
8.    Several hours of private conversation with the teacher and the founder of the School (which is by far the most important factor)

What will you get out of this training?

1.    A mastery over several spiritual and yogic practices
2.    The capacity to identify a number of spiritual clichés which lead nowhere and which are derived from the New Age and from pseudo-religions
3.    A great capacity for contemplation and internal analysis
4.    An incredible quantity of useful and practical knowledge for your eternal well-being
5.    Detachment when confronted with an illusions and egoistic impulses
6.    A clear understanding of the 8 main types of yoga and the 6 great schools of Vedanta
7.    An awakened consciousness and magnified happiness
8.    The capacity to relate, at a spiritual level, with a spiritual teacher
9.    The vocabulary necessary in order to meditate for long time durations on very subtle truths
10.    The capacity to access teachings and teachers yet more advanced
… and more!

This training is only the beginning

This training is necessary to gain access to our advanced classes and joining students who have been with us since several years (some of them since 8 years).

This complete training is a must for those who want access to more advanced teaching. It will allow you to get the discipline and the vocabulary necessary for following what we say.
For example: sometimes one can take several weeks to understand the subtleties and the philosophical implications of a concept deriving from a Sanskrit word which is not translatable in English. Without this vocabulary and the spiritual discipline which is associated with it, you will not have the necessary intellectual baggage for going ahead further in the spiritual adventure we propose you.

The training is completed by an examination which certifies that you have a sufficient grasp of this basic knowledge.

Our specialization: supporting serious people

The main aim of our online school is to give in-depth teaching for 10 to 15 very serious people who are on the way to superior yogas.

Please read the testimonies of other students in order to get an idea of the wealth obtained by these teachings.

Please note: personal training is available for only 6 months in a year, because the teacher spends the other 6 months on his own spiritual practice (and invites you to follow the same rhythm).

TopPractical considerations

Detailed description of what we offer you in the complete training

Special price for launching the second phase of our school $1 985.


…for a life experience that is several times more enriching, useful and practical

This exceptional offer will only be available from June 1, 2011 onwards.
The price will probably double after that.

You will also have:

  1. Access to advanced courses when the teacher will have judged that your training is complete
  2. Preferential fee for extra hours of consultation at $25 per hour instead of $58 per hour.
  3. Preferential fee for other activities, conference calls, intensive workshops, organized tours…
  4. The choice of keeping things at your own pace: you can complete your training in 6 weeks or in 6 years according to your availability and your capacity.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed:

If you don’t like your experience after one month or five hours of private consultations, you will be reimbursed.
If you are not ready for the complete training, you will always be able to try our monthly plan of training (description to come). Also, please enroll with our trial offer of one month of online training which is free, beginning on the 1st of May, 2011 in order to try our courses and our unique method of teaching.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on this exceptional offer.