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Personal consultations

A few minutes of real hearth to hearth discussion can make all the difference to really reach a good understanding and a more practical way to apply the principles discussed on this web site

There is still a little difficulty: I am presently engaged in intense contemplative retreat that may last a few years. I will take only a few rare students that are extremely serious to achieve the perfection of yoga.

I also test very seriously the candidates to see if their quest for truth is genuine. For example, some of my most serious students had to run after me for 2 years before I accepted them. After that we embarked on a deep adventure were they had classes almost every 2 weeks for the last 6 years… and we are just barely scratching the surface of what could be transmitted.

Meanwhile, I can also provide hourly consultations to the newcomers because that is a good way to test if our relationship can work (fees vary according to the candidates capacity).

But mainly I am interested to work with those who are ready to undergo a one week intensive training with me. There is nothing like intensive living together, and this form a stong basis for further personal consultations.

Email me if you are serious about getting personal consultations: