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Welcome to

This page offers you guidance for first time visitors
to make the best use of this site

This blog is an attempt to share that un-sharable amazing bliss of pure love
Even if one word of it enables someone to get closer to that goal it may be a success.

This website offers you  many levels of experiences:

1- Texts and audio files that you can read and hear right on this website

2- The opportunity to enroll in great digital classes (coming soon)

3- Opportunities to meet the author face to face ( by  personal consulting on an individual or group level, and by our  intensive training sessions) . This is what brings the fastest and greatest benefit.

This website has many uses:

1- It is a blog that gives weekly inspirations on the subject of the Yoga of Pure Love (register to our RSS feed to not miss anything, because we sometimes have several postings in one week)

2- It is also a platform to give you personal consulting on an individual or group level,  intensive training sessions,  and monthly classes (coming soon)

Basic info about this web site:

– Who is managing this website : see the About page

– To learn why this website has been created :  see the The Story page

Where to start with this blog

– One good category to start with is What is Prema-Yoga ?

– Than you can browse trough the other CATEGORIES (on the right side of the blog) or simply view the pots one by one: most of them are designed as single meditations

We hope this can help you tasting the incomparable nectar of prema !!!!


What is Prema-Yoga ???

Prema is a sanskrit word meaning  pure, divine, selfless, universal… real love.

It is a Sanskrit word that is best understood by opposition to another Sanskrit word “kama” which refers to selfish, material, egoistical… and illusory love.

Prema-Yoga is the path that leads us from illusory to real love; from selfish to selfless love; from egoistic to universal love.

The great yogic sages have described that all our problems, all our sufferings are due to the fact that we love illusion more than reality.  We love the cause of our suffering more than the cause of our liberation…  The path of Prema-yoga is meant to help us explore the various types of loves in our life so that we can be cured of diseased love affairs and attain the bliss of true love.

To slightly paraphrase Lao-Tseu, at the beginning of his Tao-Te-King, I could say that the path of real love cannot be described to those who are still under the grip of illusions – but out of love, we can still try. This is the compassionate power of love.

By using a vedantic vocabulary and perspective we could try to definine it in the following way:

  1. Pure Love is SAT: real and eternal
  2. Pure Love is CHIT: consciousness, a divine conscious person
  3. Pure Love is ANANDA: the highest pleasure

Our hearth is always looking for these 3 things


The Yoga of  Pure Love goes quite beyond romantic soap operas. It is based on the essence of the greatest wisdom traditions such as Vedanta, Sufism, Christian mysticism…

Here, you will find wisdom words from Rumi, Hafiz’ Ghazalli, John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, Francois de Sales… as well as great masters of Vedanta such as Ramanuja, Shankara, Chaitanya… and the incomparable Jiva Goswami.

We also do our best to offer comments rooted in our modern life and our effort to make a path by which we try to follow in the footsteps of these luminaries who were burning in the ecstatic fire of pure and divine love.

Let’s hope it will ignite a spark in our hearts.

Many features will be added here shorthly

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