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One week intensive training in the Himalayas

Why an intensive training

The principles of the path of pure love are very simple to understand but extremely difficult to practice for the souls immersed in the many illusions of our modern lives.

In a few days in a proper environment we can achieve what will usually take years or lifetimes in ordinary circumstances.


The basic principle of Prema-Yoga is that pure love can be obtained by a process. This process is based on the practice, knowledge, experience and realisations of thousands of great teachers who have trained millions of people to feel the incomparable bliss that divine love brings in our lives.

That process can be learned and experience by any human beings. It does not require any machinery or any expensive paraphanelia. It mainly requires to acquire a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

There are many stumbling blocks that stops us to to acquire that higher level of consciousness. Without proper guidance we cannot see them or eliminate them. We mostly mistake the obstacle to be the goal.

In an intensive training session we can learn ways to avoid the stumbling blocks and increase our awareness by ourselves at at our own speed. It is similar to learning to drive a bicycle: once we have learned to go straight without falling there is no limit to were we can explore

Why the Himalayas

I choose the context of the Himalayas for many reasons:

  1. I spent a lot of time there for my own meditations. This enables me to have all the connections needed to make your journey pleasant.
  2. It is the traditional place for yogis and serious spiritual seekers to go when they want to undergo serious spiritual practices since times immemorial
  3. The fresh air and majestic views of the mountains elevates the soul almost immediately.
  4. It really creates a safe environment were we can forget the troubles and concerns of ordinary life to focus on our eternal needs and real problems.
  5. We have amazing facilities: lodging, food, class rooms, reading room, library… managed by Europeans living in India for the last 30 years. This is extremely important because they can really understand your needs and the many difficulties that non-indians face living in india.
  6. India itself is a very intense experience of multicultural spiritual kaleidoscope. It is a trip one can never forget
  7. There are hundreds of temples from various rich traditions nearby and by visiting them we can easily get to the core of those very different traditions. This rich variety is not available anywhere else on the planet.
  8. Many villagers in the area still live according to traditional ancestral ways centered on taking care of their cows. It is extremely interesting to see and meet them.
  9. It is one of the greatest place to do trekkings in the Himalayas.
  10. The climate is very suitable for Europeans, not too hot or not too cold.

Continuous study

The most interesting part of this program is that you get much more than the one week training.

  1. You give you material week after weeks to meditate on, many months before you come to the training
  2. You also get more materials sent to you weekly after the one week training, because now you have a very strong basis to achieve serious results.
  3. Monthly chatting and phone conferences can be organised with the attendees. These exchanges magnifies the understand gained and renews the enthusiasm to pursue the path at your own pace.
  4. Hourly consultations with the teacher becomes also possible to deepen your own understanding and remove serious stumbling blocks to your progress.
  5. You will also learn how to utilise our immense ressources of hundreds of hours of recordings and thousands of pages of sacred texts according to your particular capacities and needs.

We give you the tools to get one of the deepest experience you will ever get in your full lifetime.

A blissful approach that will give you eternal fruits

3 different programs in 3 different weeks

1- Exploration of the yogic and vedic culture of India in the Himalayas

visit of various temples and various scenic areas nearby.

simple daily program of yogas and meditation.

o The perfect way to get acqauainted with India, Hinduism,

o A very light and easy approach upon to everyone.

o This can be considered a level 1 training (very entertaining)

2- Basic principles of prema-yoga

a. What is real and false love

b. What is yoga

i. The different types of yogas and there effective powers

ii. Examples of great yogis and mystics who achieved the level of prema

iii. How to practice them in daily lifes

c. How to move towards a much richer love life

o This can be considered a level 2 training (very enlightening)

3- The traditional approach of prema-yoga

a. Philosophical basis rooted in Vedanta and classical yoga traditions.

b. Detail examples and teachings of great yogis and mystics who achieved a very advance level of prema

c. In depth questioning on how this can be applied in our lives.

o This can be considered a level 3 training (very demanding)

Anyone at any level of experience and from any religious background is welcome. The yogic principles are truly universal.

Note carefully that the levels 2 and 3 are more demanding, but you only need to be consciously very sincere and aware that the greater the effort, the greater will be the reward.

Our tools

We interweave traditional practices with modern approaches in a very humoristic but thoughtful way. Trough discussion, self-inquiry, dialogues, deep listening, chanting, questions-and -answers sessions and various meditation techniques we learn:

To increase our awareness of what is really important in our lives

Key spiritual concepts that clarifies how high is your potential

How to follow great models who have achieved what we want to achieve

Realistic ways to use that increased awareness into our daily activities

We use:

Breathing techniques that brings us to higher realm of awareness

Stories that gives instant enlightenment

Meditations that uplift our vision

Mantras that expand the horizons of our hearth.

Simple yoga postures suitable for all levels

We leave feeling refreshed and renewed, with ancient strategies to vitalise our practice and keen awareness to sharpen pour understanding.

Further details

– Date available summer 2010

– For individual or group registration : contact Guy Tetreault at :

– Email for price info